Our regional factory network provides access to advanced Surface Mount Technology, supplemented with high quality precision mechanical operations.

Aided by our legendary green manufacturing execution, uncompromising customer devotion and our award-winning proprietary business model, we are the most trusted name in contract manufacturing services in the world.

Contrary to the traditional ‘Design for Manufacturing’ our approach is to incorporate additional elements from the supply chain into our solutions, such as logistics, VMI, outbound consolidation of orders, as well as end-to-end test strategy and serviceability, to maximize the delivered value to our customers. As a regional organization we offer regional manufacturing and supply chain services directly, and take a leading role in coordination of our customers Product Design needs. Over the years, our concept of ‘Design for Value Chain’ has delivered significant improvements that have resulted in improved quality, reduced scrap, reduction in cycle times, and optimization of logistics costs.

Our factories regularly collaborate to increase innovation potential and reduce costs through inter-company learning. By unleashing the combined product and process knowledge within our extended factory network, we are sharing best-in-class solutions, intended as a source of inspiration for our continuous improvement.

In order to maximize the cost efficiency, we simultaneously encourage:

  • Education for all of our employees on Lean tools and concepts. Our aim is to enable our employees to easily identify waste – look through “lean glasses“, and be empowered. to make suggestions, changes and improvements
  • Education for our key suppliers to enable fruitful collaboration and to share the benefits of optimizing the value chain.
  • Engagement with our customer at strategic level on optimizing our Lean Enterprise projects.

At Foxconn we have developed what is now a mature system enabling cross site, cross region best practice sharing and deployment. This consists of a program of periodic face to face workshops with key and relevant themes, combined with a global best practice database to facilitate communication, sharing, and most importantly, adoption of solutions. The system has enabled us to increase the benefits of synergy, and nurture engagement, collaboration and innovation of our connected global operations and engineering teams.

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