Assembly and Product Customization

Our assembly lines are designed with customer flexibility in mind so as to accommodate changes in line set up & customization when needed. Advanced, real-time IT links to our customers systems, allow us to exchange data on material availability & plan both short-term and mid-term production with the latest priorities in mind.

In today‘s world - time to market, low to high volume, high mix combination, and product customization are increasingly important. It is essential that quality is designed into the product, and factory systems are robust and agile. Our value chain is designed around three main objectives:

  • To consistently deliver a high quality product to our customer in an efficient & timely manner
  • To be pro-active in adding value through systems, processes and solutions that increase our customers competitive edge.
  • To gain trust with our business partners.

At all our locations around the world, we are committed to the people, the community and the regions within which we work. Our staff is experienced, well-trained and provided with the tools, training and information they need to be engaged and productive.

We aim to ensure continued customer trust in us and to enhance Foxconn’s image as a competitive company in the industry. We aspire to be a company where our employees are proud to work and will do their best for our customers, business partners and suppliers, as well as our company. Our reputation is not only based on the products and services we provide, but also on the way in which we do business and we gain trust by our honest and fair interactions.

In our daily work tasks we are required to follow the professional standards and other legal norms, as well as internal policies of the company of Foxconn based on ethical and moral principles. That is why the Code of Ethics has been created to provide clear standards and guidelines which Foxconn will support.

At Foxconn, we are aware of the significance of our role on the market and the associated responsibilities we have towards community and our employees. Therefore, we have established a unified system for the management of labor-law relations, health and safety at work, environmental protection, ethics, and business continuity called Social and Environmental Responsibility program. As members of Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition we fully adopt and support the EICC Code of Conduct in our operations and supply chain.

Manufacturing Logistics & Warehousing