Capturing Opportunity
in the Evolving Consumer Electronics Market

This IDC iView outlines trends in the connected consumer electronics market and helps players in the industry with identifying main pain points and formulating effective strategies.


John Gole
Research Director
Telecoms & Networking

Industry disruption: the internet of things

The rise of the Internet of Things holds a promise of a new era for consumer electronics producers. By 2018, there will be 30 billion connected devises globally including 6 billion related to consumer appliances.


Opportunities & challenges for manufacturers

Product leadership remains the most prominent source of competitive differentiation. But it has to be complemented by superior responsiveness and outstanding reliability in meeting fulfilment needs.


Future outlook

To succeed in this over-competitive environment, companies will have to form broader partnerships. The isolated manufacturer will probably not be able to thrive in the future.


Foxconn offering

Foxconn is a global leader in electronics manufacturing and supply chain services offering tailored solutions that help manufacturers to scale-up operations and embrace trends in the Internet of Things.