Building Successful Strategies in the Evolving Smart Metering Market

This IDC iView assesses opportunities and challenges for smart meter manufacturers, and elaborates on changes in their business models that need to be closely linked to the utilities industry. Particularly, the emergence of outsourcing opportunities in manufacturing operations and supply chain management is observed and assessed.


Marc Van Herreweghe
Associate Vice President
IDC Manufacturing Insights

Overview of the smart metering market

By 2020, there will be close to 200 million smart meters for electricity and 45 million meters for gas installed in EU, representing total investment of around €45 billion.


Disruptions in the utilities sector

Smart metering systems disrupt traditional business models and shift market positions. Utilities react by developing innovative offerings leveraging technologies such as big data and behavioral science.


Future outlook

We expects that higher awareness of the benefits of smart systems among households and businesses will generate additional demand for new services related to smart homes and smart buildings.


Foxconn offering

Foxconn is a global leader in electronics manufacturing and supply chain services offering tailored solutions that help manufacturers to scale-up operations and embrace trends in the Internet of Things.