Manufacturing excellence & can-do attitude is what defines Foxconn. We provide the best-in-class supply chain solutions for electronics brands in traditional IT&C markets. We are also partnering with technology providers specializing in various progressive areas to serve industries like smart consumer electronics, automotive, or utility.

Computing & Data centers

Our customers and partners are at the cutting edge of computing technology, providing the products & solutions needed to support today’s digital world. At Foxconn our role is to help manage a highly complex, volatile global supply chain to ensure a reliable and consistent order fulfillment.

Communication & Networking

As one of the fastest growing technologies today, data communications and networking presents a unique challenge for manufacturers to rethink their supply chain and manufacturing networks. Superior responsiveness and outstanding reliability in meeting fulfillment needs has become one of our core competencies.

Retail & Banking

In addition to full range of services, our partners benefit from our high quality precision mechanical parts, infrastructure and flexible resources. From the biggest EMS contract manufacturer in the world, you obtain support for your international projects.

Consumer electronics

Start-ups support, after market & global material sourcing capabilities allows our customers to speed up delivery of innovations while providing competitive price.


Our lean manufacturing facilities apply a high level of automation and use the latest best practices and technologies, such as industry 4.0. We help car manufacturers contain costs and go to market with competitively priced products by leveraging extensive material sourcing capabilities, but also drive innovation.


Smart meter manufacturers benefit from our ability to provide access to new markets by quickly establishing new production facilities in line with rising demand. Our experienced staff together with advanced testing procedures delivers an outstanding reliability of our products.

Industrial Automation

Working on the foundation of Industry 4.0, we aim to ensure continued customer trust in us and to enhance Foxconn’s image as a competitive company in the industry.