Case Studies

LED lighting (Apr 14, 2016)

Lighting products that use Light Emitting Diodes (LED) as their light source are referred to in the industry as Solid State Lighting (SSL). When compared to traditional lamp technologies, SSL can benefit the lighting market by providing ultra long life, low power consumption, low maintenance, good light quality, a cool beam, and 100% controllability, all without the use of hazardous materials.

Rapid firmware loading (Dec 7, 2015)

Foxconn’s engineering team were very professional and helpful throughout the process and developed an efficient process to achieve the outcome that we were looking for in a matter of days. It was a real pleasure working with such a great team and I would recommend them to any customer that needs a high quality outcome, quick turn around at a very competitive market price.

Managed Imaging Service (Dec 7, 2015)

Foxconn’s Managed Imaging Service (MIS) provides customers with a fast and cost effective way to manage and deploy standardised SOE images across any platform or operating system at a fraction of the in-house cost. This service has been developed for businesses, educational institutions and non for profit organisations that are looking to improve their operational costs associated with deploying new PCs, Servers and mobile devices.