LED lighting

Lighting fixture products that use Light Emitting Diodes (LED) as their light source are referred to in the industry as Solid State Lighting (SSL). When compared to traditional lamp technologies, SSL can benefit the lighting market by providing ultra long life, low power consumption, low maintenance, good light quality, a cool beam, and 100% controllability, all without the use of hazardous materials.

Part of the $100Billion+ Hon Hai group, Foxconn Technology are pleased to present our world class design and manufacturing capabilities to the dynamic and exciting LED lighting industry. Our expertise and experience in thermal management, optical design and high quality manufacturing has helped position us as the key partner to many of the worlds’ leading PC, networking and consumer companies. With over 150 design and development engineers and R&D bases in Taiwan, USA and China, our European sales and engineering support office are able to access an un-rivalled wealth of technology and innovation.

A robust and focussed manufacturing & logistical support structure allows us to offer an ever expanding range of high power LED lighting fixtures to the market. In addition to with our LED lights, we also manufacture and supply LED VIDEO displays in a range of pitch sizes.

The history:

Foxconn LED division has gathered nearly 100 R & D staff, has invented second-generation, high-efficiency energy-saving LED Lighting products, and leapt into the worlds biggest lighting products science and technology enterprise.

In 2003, Foxconn South China Test Center successfully passed expert assessment of the Chinese National Laboratory Accreditation Board whereby the level of our management and technical capacity were recognized by the China’s most authoritative professional accreditation agency. All lighting products were authorized by the national and international authorities - the CCC and CQC certification and further of course also European CE certification & the United States UL certification.

Foxconn lighting products have been widely used in municipal roads, city and highway tunnel lighting, garden lighting, and other fields. Examples are widespread throughout China, for example Yuandang lake in the national-level seaside park of Xiamen, Taiyuan Changfeng business area and Zhenzhou Longyuan estate underground lighting. We were also the partner of choice for the installation of our high bay lighting in the  Korean Hyundai Motor Company, Neimeng Shenhua Company, Chendu Shuangliu airport, and Guangzhou Baiyun airport to name but a few.
Outside of Asia, our products our distribution partners have been installed across Europe and the USA, in particular in sports fields, highway and industrial complexes.

LED Displays

Foxconn is also a manufacturer of intelligent LED systems with optimal image quality. With a decade of experience in LED technology we have developed our own new and innovative LED video wall display module. In video screen, all kinds of factors such as heat generation and sunlight, degrade the LED module in colour and light intensity. Within a few years a screen will look blurry and smudged: the message on the screen will become less attractive and viewable (for example: red colours will look pink).

Foxconn has developed its own operating system and module to overcome these issues.
The new module is a smart composite design with advanced electronics. This results in a usable life span that is up to 3 times longer than traditional LED screens.

For more information on our led screen technology contact foxconnled@emea.foxconn.com